“The way you support farmers is by shopping and buying raw ingredients.”
~ Michael Pollan

Quality Fresh Produce

from throughout the Southeast

For over 40 years, Burger's Market has been providing Cobb County with the freshest fruits and vegetables the Southeast has to offer. Our year-round staples like vine-ripe tomatoes, squash, cabbage and lettuce, okra, cucumbers and more, help make any dish spectacular. We don't stop with the basics, though. Burger's Market brings in the freshest of seasonal produce, as well.

Our vine-ripe tomatoes are what has made our name in Cobb County. We have a wide variety of other offerings, as well. Whether you're planning to cook Southern, Cajun, Italian, or just about any other category of food, Burger's Market has the vegetables you need. With deliveries almost daily, you can rest assured that what you need will be on our shelves and tables.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are not the only thing we carry. We also have a large array of jarred items such as dressings and marinades, jams, jellies, pickles of all sorts, relishes and more. We even have yellow root tea, and the yellow roots if you want to make your own! For a larger list of what we carry, visit our products page. You might be surprised by some of the items listed!

Along with the food items, Burger's Market is your garden headquarters. Whether you are planting a flower garden along the front of your house, or a vegetable garden in your backyard, we have the plants you need. Colorful flowering plants of all types and sizes abound during the spring and summer. We also have a large selection of vegetable plants and herbs, as well.

Family Owned & Operated

since 1973
Family Owned

In 1973, Mr. Burger started his open air market on Canton Road in Marietta, Georgia. As Cobb County began to become more of a suburb of Atlanta, Mr. Burger expanded the market, including not just fruits and vegetables, but also dry goods as well as refrigerated items. He also expanded to offer plants and garden soils and fertilizers. The area from which he gathers the items offered at the market also grew to include locations throughout the Southeast, including Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Alabama. For over 40 years, Burger's Open Air Market has remained a staple of life in Marietta and northern Cobb County.

In 2002, Mr. Burger turned over the reins of the business to his daughters, Sharilyn and Tina. While they have "minded the store," Mr. Burger has remained active in the business, traveling throughout the Southeast to get the products that are sold in the Market.

While remaining very close to its roots, providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the neighbors, Burger's Market expanded, providing produce to various restaurants. So, when customers purchase items for their own table, they are getting the same quality as in some of Cobb County's finest restaurants.